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That Was a Long Time Ago

Published April 6, 2016 by April Fox

We were all


captured behind glass

eyes, red-rimmed and leaking


in our creased, cupped palms

sliding through our fingers

to the floor

where they bathed

in retribution.

We were all

glass-eyed, blinded, captured

by our wrists, bound

with the long and strangling


of their self-loathing, we were

hunched over ovens, burning flesh

off our cheeks, exposing bone

the skull determined

to protect

what wasn’t there, we were


in cheap vases, we were

torn and stitched together

and together

and together until the fibers

meshed and the threads

locked tight together and the glass

behind us, now

reflected fire

and exploded.


Published December 2, 2015 by April Fox

Assume the position 

It’s time for your daily 15 minutes of outrage

time for furrowed brows and fingertips to lips and scripted measures

of concern

your eyes so blacked by ignorance 

you can’t see the gun in your hand. 

Let us pray

for the victims

this sorrowful collection of

lone gunmen. 

Why does this keep happening? Lord, someone make it stop.

And let he who is without sin

fire the first shot.



Drawing Lines

Published May 19, 2015 by April Fox

I am drawing lines

on the dark

in silver sparkle markers and fluorescent yellow

crayons, dragging brushes through the stories

that I took too long to tell,

painting I am not

the end of this

all over everything. 

I am not, have never been

the pounding heart, the arms and legs 

gone numb

have never been the broken parts

the bruises

not the fear, or the locking out

the speeding cars

the screaming in my ears till I went deaf

and dumb

and stupid

I am not a thing made of

your sick and ugly pieces. 

I am painting over


I am sitting in the dark

looking out

drawing all the stories

that I thought I’d never tell. 


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