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Published December 10, 2012 by April Fox

we’ll make up stories
in my crooked little head
simple things, all spiderwebs and
cupcake icing
licked off of our fingers
late at night and let the
crumbs fall on the bed
(the side where he sleeps, and we’ll brush them
to the floor, beside the wall)

and if i carpeted the floor with broken mirrors
would my footsteps lead me only
to bad luck?

i don’t believe in luck or
fate or
precognition, knowing in advance
where i might go but i am certain
that i’d cut my feet
and bleed out on the glass

i just might take the risk
for a different point of view.

the sun is vulgar, times like this
bold and gaudy
not so much a star as a
mutation in the sky
an ugly gap that somehow missed the chance
to fill itself with black

all made up stories start the same
and end the same

we’ll end the same.


Published September 26, 2012 by April Fox

under this
i was in your

i held the scent of
under my tongue
it made me high
it made me sleep
it made me

what was that
you said?
our words are mumbles, something like
half-awake, forgotten
what was this.

we are hazy filters layered over an already

herbal tea and jazz
picnics on the floor and waiting
to will our sun-blind eyes
to focus.


Published February 23, 2012 by April Fox

I don’t do well in winter, generally. The cold and the snow get me, for sure, but I think there’s something about the light, the dismally scant hours between dark and dark that pull me into this liquid place like forgetting something important and keeps me there for months. It’s tolerable most of the time, and I know it’s not forever and circumstances throw me joy impossible to ignore. This year has been a little better than most; still, when days like today come along and feed me summer after starving for the light, it’s something like miraculous, if I believed in things like that.

Today was a simple one, work in the morning, a walk in the park with beloved, mutt, and the two kids who weren’t feeling anti-nature, but it was a simplicity that I needed, and I was grateful.

After, there were ice cream sandwiches for dinner and chicken for dessert, and I napped in front of Coraline while my little daughter slept curled up against my side. All that’s left now is a quick shower-all I get anymore, thanks to the sketchy water heater-and a bit of cleaning up around the house, and the world will settle in around me and I can sleep.

This is where we were this afternoon.

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