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Steampunk and Space Rock and Shakespeare, Oh My.

Published May 2, 2013 by April Fox

So remember last year, when my brilliant sidekick took over George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead and, with the help of his esteemed cohorts in Silver Machine, wrote a trippy new soundtrack for it? He’s at it again, this time taking on sound design duties for a local steampunk version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Even if you’re not big on Shakespeare, you should try and see this one. It’s not quite the long, drawn-out affair Hamlet usually is, and it feels like it goes even more quickly than it does, thanks in part to the expert acting, direction and of course, the incredible music and sound effects. Moog Music generously donated equipment to ensure that the sound for this production is top-notch, and you will not be disappointed. Anthony Dorion and Chris Tanfield are there each night, using their face-melting synth and theremin skills to add another dimension to the music that Dorion recorded and compiled for the production. Local artists Mary SparksLee StanfordMatthew Westerman and Max Melner are all featured in the score, and if you’ve heard any of these talented musicians play, you know you’re in for something beyond good. For more information or to read my thoughts about the play itself, check out the article I posted on Ask Asheville. The play runs now through Saturday, May 4.


Anthony Dorion in his downtown studio, working on sound design for Hamlet


Anthony Dorion and Chris Tanfield getting ready to work their magic before a production of Hamlet

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