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White Car Involved in Hit and Run with Erwin Middle School Bus

Published January 20, 2016 by April Fox

Update: The alleged driver in the hit and run has been arrested

Local friends, especially around the Leicester and Erwin Hills area, be on the lookout for a white car with recent significant damage to the front passenger side. This morning around 9:45, a school bus was hit at the corner of Erwin Hills and Mount Carmel, near Erwin Middle. I only saw the car for a second, but it was definitely white, and possibly a late ’80s- late ’90s model, I think with 4 doors. It left a pretty good chunk of the front end in the road as it was leaving the scene, including its passenger side headlight. The right front quarter panel was in pretty bad shape as well. The car was traveling on Mount Carmel Road, away from the direction of Ingles and New Leicester Highway.
The rear bumper of the bus was damaged slightly, but according to the school, everyone on board is fine and students were back on track to get home shortly after the accident happened.

If you happen to know the fine specimen who thought it was cool to hit a school bus full of little kids and then take off, please let the police or Erwin Middle School know. The number for Erwin Middle is 828-232-4264.

Dog Injured in Hit and Run on Leicester Highway 

Published September 30, 2015 by April Fox

I just spent the better part of an hour on the side of the road, along with four other people, trying to keep a dog safe and figure out how to best help him after he was hit by a car and injured. 

This is not one of those obnoxious “Look at this good deed that I did, I’m so sad that the rest of the world isn’t as nice as I am” posts. This is one of those “What the fuck kind of heartless asshole hits a dog and then leaves him lying on the side of the road” posts. This is a large dog, a hound. He has a badly injured front leg, injuries to his mouth, and possibly damage to his spine or internal organs. He was hit hard. The impact wasn’t like when you accidentally run over a snake because you thought it was a twig. This shit was deliberate and if you’re the one who hit him, you’re a deplorable human being. 

The dog was struck on Leicester Highway (US Hwy 63) between the intersection with Meadows Town Road and the Madison County line. He is a full-grown dog, primarily black, with tan markings and some grey in his beard. He has on a tag showing that he was vaccinated at Caldwell Animal Hospital; vets at the hospital said the dog belongs to a Don or Dawn Watkins but that person could not be reached. 

If you know the owner of this dog, please have them contact Buncombe County Animal Services. He has been taken to a vet and hopefully soon I’ll hear an update from one of the wonderful ladies who took him. 

*I feel like I need to clarify that I really didn’t do much to help this dog. Two other ladies were on the scene when I got there, and were already making phone calls to get him help. A man arrived later and lifted the dog into the back of a vehicle and offered to help make arrangements for vet care. Another woman stopped and helped keep him calm, and considered giving him a good home if the owners aren’t found. All I did was give him a blanket to lie on, help keep him out of the road, pet him and say “Good dog, you’re such a good dog,” about a million times. The others there did much more than I did. Thank you Karen, Marilyn, Kevin and Patty. ❤


Movin’ to the Country

Published June 14, 2015 by April Fox

This is our first summer in our new place in the country, and it’s even more beautiful than I expected it to be. I love the quiet of it, the wildlife, the way the storms play pinball off the mountains with the thunder, the way every walk down the driveway shows me something new. I wish I could share the smell of the honeysuckle and the berry bushes, and let you listen in on the birds and cows in the morning and the foxes and coyotes late at night, but I can’t, so these photographs will have to do instead. 



Asheville Family Desperate to Find Missing Dog-Reward Offered

Published March 9, 2015 by April Fox

MaxA few months ago, my family and I moved out to the country–and when I say country, I mean way out, the kind of place where directions include phrases like “go past the tractor crossing sign” and “look for the donkey on the right.” It’s quiet and serene, the kind of place where people live spread out, with plenty of room for their families to grow and their dogs to run. Unfortunately, someone in my community has lost a member of his family: Chris Herron’s beloved cinnamon husky, Max, disappeared from his home on Meadows Town Road in Leicester, northwest of Asheville. Max hasn’t been seen since January 22, and since then, his family has put up billboards, signs, and hundreds of flyers in hopes of finding him.

max3Facebook has been flooded with pictures of the missing dog, and countless people have shared photos of dogs who looked like Max, but sadly weren’t him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such dedication from a family looking for their missing pet, and so even though I don’t know them, I said I’d try and help get the word out.

Max is less than two years old and weighs 65 pounds. He has a cinnamon-colored coat, his eyes are two different colors, and his face has distinctive white markings. Chances are, Max is still near home, but his family fears he may have been taken by people who want to use him in dog fights. This area is known for its beautiful scenery, and it’s possible too that some unsuspecting passer-through thought Max was a stray and decided to take the beautiful dog home, wherever that may be. Max could be a mile away from his home in Leicester, or halfway across the country. Wherever you are, please take a look at these photos or visit Max’s web site for more information. And especially if you’re local, please share this post. Max’s family misses him terribly, and they just want him home. There is a $1000 reward offered for Max’s return. If you’ve seen him, please call 828-242-5469. Thanks, friends.


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