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White Car Involved in Hit and Run with Erwin Middle School Bus

Published January 20, 2016 by April Fox

Update: The alleged driver in the hit and run has been arrested

Local friends, especially around the Leicester and Erwin Hills area, be on the lookout for a white car with recent significant damage to the front passenger side. This morning around 9:45, a school bus was hit at the corner of Erwin Hills and Mount Carmel, near Erwin Middle. I only saw the car for a second, but it was definitely white, and possibly a late ’80s- late ’90s model, I think with 4 doors. It left a pretty good chunk of the front end in the road as it was leaving the scene, including its passenger side headlight. The right front quarter panel was in pretty bad shape as well. The car was traveling on Mount Carmel Road, away from the direction of Ingles and New Leicester Highway.
The rear bumper of the bus was damaged slightly, but according to the school, everyone on board is fine and students were back on track to get home shortly after the accident happened.

If you happen to know the fine specimen who thought it was cool to hit a school bus full of little kids and then take off, please let the police or Erwin Middle School know. The number for Erwin Middle is 828-232-4264.

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