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An Interview with Ween’s Claude Coleman, Jr.

Published July 2, 2015 by April Fox

A few weeks ago, I packed up my husbands mobile recording apparatus and headed over to Claude Coleman, Jr.’s place to catch up with him about all the things going on in his musical world these days. Since the tragic demise of Ween in 2012, Claude has stayed busy, moving to Asheville from his home state of New Jersey, making albums with his band Amandla, and recording drums for more bands than I can even try to remember.

In the interview, Claude shares funny stories about some of Ween’s songs, including one that involves Aaron Freeman (Gene Ween) being locked in a trunk while his vocals were being recorded. He talks about his new life in North Carolina and the music he’s making here, and takes us on a trip from the very beginning of his time in Ween to his future with his latest project, Amandla.

It was a fun interview, often meandering all over the place before circling back around to the near-forgotten questions. Claude Coleman is clearly a man who appreciates his success, and holds his fans and fellow musicians in high regard. Underneath the humor and the occasional glimpses of melancholy, there’s a constant thread of gratitude for the life he’s been able to live, and that made the interview that much more impressive to me.

Claude Coleman, Jr. in the studio: GoodFlow Productions, Asheville, NC

Claude Coleman, Jr. in the studio: GoodFlow Productions, Asheville, NC

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