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Who Stole Dup’s Gear?

Published February 20, 2012 by April Fox

Over the weekend, somebody broke into the rented practice space of a musician in town. The idiot-or idiots-stole an estimated $5000 worth of equipment from Dup Crosson, including his cherished custom guitar. (You can read the full story and see a photo of the guitar here. There’s also a photo of the guitar at the end of this blog.)

You have to be a real dick to break into someplace like that and steal from another human being. I’m hardly the captain of the moral police; I’d love to see the mega-corporate pricks and bank heads lose their shirts, along with their billion-dollar homes and high-priced hookers. Some people deserve to lose their stuff-not that I’m advocating crime, of course. But this guy didn’t. He’s a normal guy, who works hard and makes music that makes people happy. He earned every bit of the gear these pathetic pricks stole from him. And even if he didn’t earn it, did you morons skip kindergarten the day they talked about not taking stuff that isn’t yours?

Somebody out there knows who has Dup’s gear. And if you took it, or you know who did, and you don’t see that he gets it back, I hope you use that guitar to pick up a girl who gives you crabs and the clap and a bad case of face herpes.

If you know anything about Dup’s stolen musical gear, please call 828-225-4190 or email dup.crosson@gmail.com

Dup Crosson and the stolen guitar

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