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Lost Dogs

Published August 6, 2015 by April Fox

This feels empty

as if the dogs have all gone home

and left us to our own devices,

on our own to deal with the

monsters and the maniacs

hiding in the shadows

and even with the lights all on,

the television blaring comedy and news into our deconstructed brains,

there is a silence and a darkness

that the hounds have left behind.

And in the stillness, after locking all the doors

and silencing the ringers and clicking off the TV

and shuttering the windows, and pulling down the blinds

in the air we’re left to breathe

we find our solace

and remorse.

Drawing Lines

Published May 19, 2015 by April Fox

I am drawing lines

on the dark

in silver sparkle markers and fluorescent yellow

crayons, dragging brushes through the stories

that I took too long to tell,

painting I am not

the end of this

all over everything. 

I am not, have never been

the pounding heart, the arms and legs 

gone numb

have never been the broken parts

the bruises

not the fear, or the locking out

the speeding cars

the screaming in my ears till I went deaf

and dumb

and stupid

I am not a thing made of

your sick and ugly pieces. 

I am painting over


I am sitting in the dark

looking out

drawing all the stories

that I thought I’d never tell. 


Like Icarus

Published December 10, 2014 by April Fox

When you are tired and alone
in that vast and empty darkness that refuses
to take hold and steal your last breath
even though you’d give it freely
for the chance to feel some peace
They will tell you
there’s a light that you can turn on
if you try
They will say that there’s a light
to guide you out
and you can see them in the distance
insects circling with rough and tattered wings
careening off each other
stupid, blind and insignificant
fighting for the chance to fall like

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