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Amendment One

Published May 9, 2012 by April Fox

i feel as if
amendment one
is being read by the light of a bulb
shining through the skins
of my family, friends-
my children.

how can you cry your careful,
scripted tears over the loss of a life
not yet started
and tell the child before you
that his life means less than yours?

pro-life, and yet you spit
your prejudice and bile into the faces of your neighbors
fight to take away
their right to life

how easy is it for you to waste your righteous hours
combing through the verses in your book
tossing bits and pieces into piles by the side
over here are things that we’ll ignore
over here is where we make the condemnation pile

you gossip in the grocery aisles
while you shop for pork and tampons
maybe lobster for the anniversary of when you stopped
fucking behind the back
of the god that you adore

dip your razor in the baptismal pool
round the edges of your beard
shave your scalp clean
watch your faith fall to the floor

wine-drunk in the mornings
cannibalizing christ and if his body was inside you
you would see where you are wrong.

slave-owner, whore
if i were bible-bound like you
i could whip you while you cleaned my floors
then sell you for your meat
so your body could be violated
like your conscience must have been.

Music and Words

Published March 25, 2012 by April Fox

I took this photo the other night, while beloved was draped across the bed, flat on his back, practicing. It was a quiet night, one of those where going out would screw everything up, and there wasn’t much to say besides the usual few words we exchange without thinking, almost out of habit, but not without meaning or intent. I reached for my book and saw that it was under beloved’s bass; I didn’t have the heart to move it and disrupt his playing. I realized later that the picture I’d snapped had captured the way the two objects rested together, quiet and still, with the sheets curled around their edges, and it was almost too personal to share: a still-life done in effigies, words and music, the two of us. When things get crazy, when life tries to sneak in and steal what we’ve found and made and kept for this long, this is what keeps us together-this is who we are, at the heart of it all.

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