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Prom Queen [Not Autobiographical]

Published August 8, 2015 by April Fox

I never could have been the prom queen,

perfect hair and teeth and nails, smiling sweetly for the cameras

humble under my sash and crown and waiting for the crowd to blink

and offer up the chance to pull the flask out from between my legs

beneath the satin curtain

of my dress.

I was happy under the bleachers,

eyes ringed with black and breath sweet with cheap wine

not quite bold enough to be slutty, yet

not quite small enough to hide.

I felt the words slip off my tongue like I was dreaming

I felt the time crawl from my head and I was lost.

When the music died and the limo crashed and the town went cold and still,

I laid my face against the pavement

and danced till morning came.

Lost Dogs

Published August 6, 2015 by April Fox

This feels empty

as if the dogs have all gone home

and left us to our own devices,

on our own to deal with the

monsters and the maniacs

hiding in the shadows

and even with the lights all on,

the television blaring comedy and news into our deconstructed brains,

there is a silence and a darkness

that the hounds have left behind.

And in the stillness, after locking all the doors

and silencing the ringers and clicking off the TV

and shuttering the windows, and pulling down the blinds

in the air we’re left to breathe

we find our solace

and remorse.

The First Big Thing: Object Permanence.

Published April 30, 2012 by April Fox

Object Permanence.

It’s finally done. I won’t pretend you’ve been waiting forever for it, or that I worked forever on it, but you might like to read it anyway. It’s available directly from the publisher now, and in a few days, if you can wait that long [look at my ego, all puffed up… it’s all an act, I promise] I’ll post a link so that you can order it online through an independent book store. If you have a favorite store where you are, they can order it for you there.

Thanks for all of your support… you helped make this happen.

And now for the second big thing… stay tuned.

Oh yeah, click on this handy-dandy link for a preview, and to order if you’re so inclined. Ten bucks, cheaper than Starbucks (maybe, I don’t know; I can’t afford Starbucks).

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