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Here’s where I’ll update you on interviews, album and concert reviews, trivia, quizzes, and other music-related things I’ve written. Check back often, as I almost always have something in the works. If you have a suggestion for a songwriter interview you’d like to see, let me know, and if I think it sounds fun, I’ll run it by the owner and editor of the site.

ccjr Claude Coleman, Jr. talks about the resurrection of Ween, playing for the fun of it, and why music is so important when the world starts to get scary.


JD Wilkes of the Legendary Shack Shakers may act a little crazy on stage, but behind the scenes, he’s an insightful songwriter with a passion for authenticity.

Cracker4_credit_BradfordJonesJohnny Hickman and David Lowery; photo by Bradford Jones

Cracker were huge in the 90s with hits like “Low” and “Get Off This,” and more than two decades later, they’re still going strong. I talked with Johnny Hickman about the band’s hits and his personal favorites.


If you don’t know the hyper-dynamic Duo Hank & Cupcakes, you’re missing out. Here, bassist Ariel Scherbacovsky and vocalist/drummer Sagit Shir talk about where they started, what inspires them, and where they’re going next.


Claude Coleman, Jr. in the studio: GoodFlow Productions, Asheville, NC

My first interview with Claude Coleman, Jr., before Ween reunited.


One of my favorite bands ever: The Dead Milkmen. This is still one my favorite things that I’ve written, even though I wasn’t the one who got to talk to the band.

psychedelic quiz This is a fun little quiz that I wrote. Test your knowledge of psychedelic lyrics.


The story behind David Bowie’s song “Memory of a Free Festival.”

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