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Missing Teen from Havelock, NC

Published April 29, 2016 by April Fox

**UPDATE: Lizzy has been found safe. Thank you all for reading and sharing.**

Please keep an eye out for 17-year-old Elizabeth “Lizzy” Hargett. Lizzy is 17 years old, 5′ 2″ tall, and weighs 107 pounds with a slender build. She was last seen in Havelock, NC on the evening of Wednesday, April 27. If you see her, please contact the Havelock police department at (252) 447-3212. 

Haylee Ledford Abducted from Asheville, NC: Update: FOUND

Published September 8, 2014 by April Fox

missing haylee

UPDATE: Haylee Ledford has been found and returned to her family in NC. Pierce faces federal charges in the case.

On September 6, 2014, 13-year-old Haylee Ledford was abducted from Leicester, NC, just outside Asheville. A felony warrant has been issued for 22-year-old Jacob Thomas Pierce of Golden, Colorado in connection with her disappearance. Police believe the child and her abductor may be traveling toward Colorado in a white Honda Accord with Colorado plates. A full description of Haylee, her abductor Jacob Thomas Pierce, and the car can be found below.

This child lives in my area, and her family and the community are very concerned for her safety. Please, take a look at the photos of Haylee Ledford and Jacob Pierce, and alert authorities if you’ve seen them. You can reach the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department at (828) 250-4503. Please share this information on your social networks as well, so we can get this little girl home to her family. I have a daughter Haylee’s age and the thought of her being out there with some guy in his twenties turns my stomach. Let’s bring Haylee home.

Haylee Ledford is believed to have been abducted from near Asheville, NC.

Haylee Ledford is believed to have been abducted from near Asheville, NC.

haylee ledford

You can follow the search for Haylee on the Facebook page dedicated to finding her.

Missing Man in Austin, TX May Be in Danger

Published February 3, 2014 by April Fox

ImageJohnathon Falck is missing again. A little over a month ago, I posted about his disappearance; he was subsequently found in a hospital, where he was given medication for his mental illnesses and sent back out to fend for himself. Since then, his thoughts and communications have been increasingly disordered, he has stopped taking his medication, and has now disappeared again. He has not been seen since early Saturday, and his incessant posts on Facebook have stopped. No one has been able to reach him by phone, but someone made a threatening call to his mother from his cell phone. That person knows where John is and may have harmed him.

John is 23, about 6’1″ and around 160 pounds. He has a scar on the right side of his head, near the hairline. Anyone with information is urged to call the Austin police department at 512-974-5000. You may also contact the Great Bend Kansas police department at 620-793-4120; this is where his mother lives and the two departments are working together to find him. He has been listed in the national missing persons database. His correspondence prior to his disappearance indicate that he is unable to use good reasoning, and he may have ended up in a dangerous situation without realizing it. He needs to be found so that he can get help, and before someone takes advantage of his fragile mental state.


Missing Endangered in Austin, TX-**FOUND**-Updated With Links to Services

Published December 30, 2013 by April Fox

Unfortunately, John is missing again, and could be in danger. He hasn’t been taking his medication, his thoughts have been extremely disordered, and now he’s disappeared and someone is making threatening calls to John’s mother using John’s cell phone. Please read and share the post in this link to help find John: Missing Man in Austin, TX May Be in Danger.

Thank you.


Many, many thanks to everyone who read and shared this post in hopes of bringing John home. Since he’s been found, I’ve removed all of the identifying information in order to protect the family’s privacy. Please send your good thoughts to John and his family while he continues his difficult journey toward feeling healthy and safe.

Also-this case is one of many that highlights why cuts in funding for mental health services are so dangerous. Many people are unable to receive the care that they need, no matter how much their families care and try to help. Fortunately, John was found and is in the hospital receiving treatment now, but this is not his first stay there, and unfortunately, it may not be his last unless he is able to receive adequate and comprehensive care-not just a quick “band-aid” fix of forced medication and a couple group therapy sessions before he’s discharged. We need to make quality mental health services accessible to EVERYONE. Please remember this when you’re choosing which candidates to support in upcoming elections; it’s especially important to pay attention to your local elections, and what those candidates stand for. Everyone starts somewhere, and hopefully we can start rebuilding these essential services from the ground up.

There are some services available, and people who can and want to help. If you or someone you love needs help, please visit NAMI for a list of links to support groups, services, and the number of a hotline you can call. If you feel like you might hurt yourself, PLEASE call 1-800-273-8255 or click here to chat with someone who cares.

Love to all of you… Have a safe and happy new year. ❤

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