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Legal Medical Research Facility Raided by SWAT Team

Published March 4, 2014 by April Fox

I wrote this article last night for Liberal America.  Imagine that you acquired your drivers license and bought a car that you registered, titled, got tags for, had inspected per state regulations, paid the taxes on. And one day as you’re driving down the road, you’re surrounded by police cars with their sirens flashing, voices yelling at you to pull over immediately. Policemen point guns at your children and order them out of the car. You’re arrested for driving without a license, with no tags or registration. Your car is impounded and you’re facing jail time. That kind of injustice is what this case is about. Todd Stimson is facing prison time for running a business that he had been given permission, by the state, to run. It doesn’t matter what your opinion is about marijuana, medical or otherwise. What matters is that the state is attempting to imprison someone for doing something they said he could do.

The link to the full story for Liberal America is below, along with a link to a brief video of Todd Stimson talking about his family’s ordeal.

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