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Time Capsule

Published February 2, 2016 by April Fox

At the end,

you will gather your life

and if you’re lucky

it will fill the room,

hold your hand and speak to you in

furred voice,

calling in the breeze to brush away the sorrows

from your brow.

Everything else of significance will fit in your palm,

tarnished and worn

the colors faded and softened with time.

They will take these treasures home

and they will bury you instead.

baby apple

Mid January three something indecent deity

Published January 17, 2016 by April Fox

There are ghosts in every corner 

Tapping holes into their faces with their 

Broken fingernails 

This is a place where when the stars come down

They change their course and keep 

The sideways dark

Look out the light

Will make you blind

And the holes keep growing bigger

The skin around the edges chapped and raw 

The mouths below grotesque with screaming 

Never and regret

The hands of god are softly, sweetly

Masturbating to the sight. 


Published December 2, 2015 by April Fox

Assume the position 

It’s time for your daily 15 minutes of outrage

time for furrowed brows and fingertips to lips and scripted measures

of concern

your eyes so blacked by ignorance 

you can’t see the gun in your hand. 

Let us pray

for the victims

this sorrowful collection of

lone gunmen. 

Why does this keep happening? Lord, someone make it stop.

And let he who is without sin

fire the first shot.



Paper Doll Nightmare

Published June 9, 2015 by April Fox

Such a lonely boy, sitting in the corner

pulling off the heads

from all your little dolls

twisting up their limbs like rubber bands,

angry that you never had

the strength you need to break them

Poking holes in fragile skin, stabbing orifices raw

They are headless spewing bile

from their bitter brains

Even bruised, decapitated


you make them sick

and in the middle of the night,

while you lie dreaming in the dark,

fat chins suffocating

choking out your breath,

they will be stitched together, artificial hearts

and iron lungs to stay alive and they will visit you

and they will crawl inside

and make you


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