light (2)

“Light” is the latest collection of poetry from reclusive writer April Fox. Critically acclaimed but flying well under the radar, Fox relies heavily on word of mouth to promote her work as she quietly releases books every few years. Her writing has been described as “powerful,” “important,” “beautiful” and “disturbing,” and ranges from slam-style staccato rage to biting satire to heartbreaking glimpses inside the reality of poverty, depression, and loss. She writes with an often disarming honesty as she reflects on her life, her history, and the world she struggles to belong in. “And in this sorrow, we create ourselves: faces sketched in dull graphite, erased and drawn again / until the lines are blurred and the edges / of our eyes / are indistinct and the creases of our mouths / are parentheses, capturing all the things we never said. In this sorrow, we are written / indelible and clear / we are paragraphs, connected/ We are stories left to tell.” -From “Light”


“Chicken Soup for the Fuck You” is spit straight from the hyperactive brain of a lifelong oddball who has, to put it simply, seen some shit. In the process of finding her voice after a decade and a half of quiet, April Fox puts a wry spin on politics, religion, and the weird and wonderful aspects of real life, including parenting a herd of eclectic children. In between, there are periods of darkness, and those are reflected here too. In short, “Chicken Soup for the Fuck You” is a feel-good book for people who hate feel-good books. April’s work has been described as “Intoxicating… Awesome, inspiring, and resonating all the way.” “…a huge dose of reality.” “Enigmatic and thought-provoking, but still touching.” “…filthy.”


Life, religion, politics and death: unfiltered and uncensored. In “Spine,” April Fox tackles subjects such as suicide, religious hypocrisy, political oppression, and more in this collection of raw and honest poetry. “Haunting.” “Beautifully written.” “Intoxicating… Awesome, inspiring, and resonating all the way.”

object permanence

Object Permanence is a love story for people who don’t believe in love stories, written in the dark; not so much poetry as bits of conversation taken out of context and patched together in a way that makes some kind of perfectly logical sense. This is the simple tale, written in scattered bits of verse, of how two anarchists fell in love, and stayed there.

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