About April

These autobiographical statements are ridiculously hard to write. Am I supposed to try to sell myself to you, try to make you like me? Tell you something that might shed light on a possible connection between us, so you’ll keep reading? Talk about my hopes and dreams and fears, or just throw out the most basic information: a map of my life sketched out on a napkin, with only the major streets labeled? I don’t know.

That probably told you more than enough, didn’t it?

Maybe not.

I never set out to be a writer; it’s mostly cathartic, a way of clearing out the mess in my head to make room for the good stuff. I started putting it out there for a few friends to see, mostly to help them understand where I was coming from when I shut down or withdrew or accidentally let fly with some of the rage that had been eating me alive. They asked for more, and I heard that people were starting to see themselves and the things they couldn’t say reflected in my words, and that’s where the books came from.

Sometimes I write with a purpose, if I’m angry about something, fed up with people being cruel to each other, upset with the ugliness in the world. And sometimes I just have a little something running through my head that I want to hang onto a little longer or let go of as quick as I can. All of it ends up here, and now here you are too.

I hate lima beans and love the sun.

Is that enough?

Questions? Ask. Comments? Bring them on. Criticism? Be gentle, please.

Have a beautiful day.

Photo: Vickie Burick Photography

14 comments on “About April

  • I’m not perfect, and neither are you. No one is. You need to get facts right before you spread $#!+ around. There’s two sides, no matter what, and GOD. GOD will sort out the facts. YOU choose only to better youself.


  • I don’t like ugliness or mean or cruel either. I brought my boys up knowing that also. They understand and know that also. I always told them to stand up for the underdog. If you see someone being picked on, stick up for them. I suppose ‘you’ would only know if you would’ve ‘been there. So don’t put your judgement on something that you really have no right to judge.


      • Since you and April don’t know what the ‘facts’ are, you should be quiet! Sit back and listen, learn. You need to observe before you can judge, at least that’s the way it should be. There’s NO one there that has the right to judge or blame. You can’t pick sides until you know all about the sides you’re picking for.


      • Liz, I’m not sure who you think you’re talking to, but since you replied to my comment I’ll respond.

        Unless the underage child in question hid in the trunk of your son’s car, he knowingly removed her from her family. I am sorry this has happened to your family; it must be devastating. From one mother to another, I’m asking you to consider focusing on helping your son repair his life and working on your own mental health, and his. It’s pointless to scour the internet and incite arguments with people who were only trying to help a child be returned home. You’re only adding to your own distress, and wasting time that could be spent helping your child.

        Again, I wish you the best and ask you not to comment here again.


      • Absolutely! Where are you? Apparently you are on one side without knowing facts. I’m not ONE sided like you. I know more than you. There are two sides to every story, and, both need to be told! I’m just saying, that, as a ‘journalist’, you can’t be biased. If you only knew…


      • I am not a journalist. You have somehow found your way to my personal blog, and are angry because I wrote a post about a missing child. Here is what I know: your son, at 22 years old, drove across the country from Colorado to North Carolina. In North Carolina, he allowed or coerced a child, age 13, to get into his vehicle. The child was not given permission by her parents to go with your son. The child was found with your son when law enforcement stopped them just short of the Mexican border.

        I do not have to be unbiased here. This site reflects my personal view, and my view is that based on the facts presented, your son placed a young adolescent at risk. I don’t know why. That’s not my business. My interest was in helping a child return home. I am telling you one last time to direct your energy elsewhere, stop commenting here, and thank your lucky stars that it wasn’t my daughter that your son took.


  • Amazing autobiography of YOUR OWN LIFE, April!! I totally love your openness and honesty! I am sure any one who is content in life or who is labelled as an underdog can relate to your artistic expression in one way or another! Whether it be in an article written about yourself, by yourself, or about a random object. Anyone willing to argue with your talent needs to have their “facts” straightened out! Keep being you! Love it all!! 🙂


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