Trump Mocks Disabled Reporter, Bones Attractive Transsexual

Published December 1, 2015 by April Fox

So Donald Trump, right?

What a fucking asshole.

Apparently the financial bigwig (heh heh) recently took it upon himself to mock the appearance of a reporter with a physical disability. I haven’t said much about him or this particular incident up until now; half of me, when I heard about it, wanted to tie his wrinkly old nuts in a knot and toss him in a cage with a herd of horny badgers. The other half of me was just like, rolling my eyes and going, Eh, what do you expect from this idiot? His main selling point seems to be that he “speaks his mind.” Well yeah, so do lots of people, but when they start standing up in public and going “Hur hur hur look at me I’m so disabled, hahaha!” that’s when you grab crazy Uncle Donald by the arm, smack him in the back of the head, and drag him out of the room while simultaneously apologizing to everyone who witnessed his behavior and swearing to kill whoever left the liquor cabinet unlocked so ol’ Donald could get into it and make an ass of himself again.

Being a brazen jackass is not an admirable trait, people. This guy wouldn’t know class if it was delivered to him in a private jet and served to him straight off the fat ass of whichever Kardashian it is that has the famous fat ass. He’s a joke, and let’s try and keep that in mind when we’re getting upset about this latest idiotic move.

This is a guy who sounds like the Young Republican Frat Boy Book of Mad Libs being read by a broken See n’ Say. (Remember those?) He has a dead weasel stapled to his head for decoration and wants to brand everyone of a certain religion because fuck history and common sense and compassion, right? And he’s a notorious homophobe but still maintains a steamy sexual affair with the famous transsexual Ann Coulter, a cranky conservative television personality. The guy is not all there. He’s lost his marbles. When they handed out IQ tests, he pissed on his and cheered because it was negative. Motherfucker wants to act like that asshole in high school who talks about kids on the short bus; I don’t think the ignorant pickledick could spell short bus without a picture dictionary and a staff of interpreters. And he damn sure couldn’t demonstrate or define basic human concepts like kindness and empathy, not even with all the help in the world.

His opinion doesn’t mean shit.

He’s a dick, no doubt. He has some really, really, ugly ideas and behaviors. But like I always told my kids, if someone like that doesn’t think much of you, that says something really good about who you are.

And now, on top of everything else, he wants an apology for being called out for making fun of someone. Fucking seriously. Here’s your apology, Mr. Trump, on behalf of everyone you might have hurt by being such an obvious piece of inconsiderate shit: I’m sorry you have to use your money to buy companionship. I’m sorry your mommy didn’t hug you enough and didn’t teach you how to play nicely with other kids. I’m sorry that every time you open your mouth, what comes out is the verbal equivalent of noxious flatulence, and that you got put in your place by someone you clearly see as a lesser human being, and most of all I’m sorry that nobody has smacked you upside your fool head for being such an embarrassment to the human race.

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