Hallelujah in the Alley, Death Style

Published July 14, 2014 by April Fox

In a dark alley, Jesus Christ
stripped off his vestments, stood naked
and hairless
and drew on his gloves
tongued the Eucharist
softened himself
in his mouth,
wire hanger stigmata blood
staining the concrete, rivers of
white cells immune system
vaccinate rats
feeding off of
the body
of man

Parasite suit men
above in the window glass
confident, watch
while she crawls from inside herself
fetal palms raised to the sky
and their bald heads are making them infants
grubby fat pink dimpled fingers
trace greedy mouths searching
in vain for the
tit of the poor and in one breath
the born again die again
pale spine cracks on the pavement
the stones cast toward heaven
fall silent, the
eyes of the blind watchers
split and explode
crucified, they cast blame
on the alleyway

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