Dolls on Independence Day

Published July 4, 2014 by April Fox

Tiny little
plastic parts
Glass eyes, dead stares
blank space where the hearts should be
slender fingers locked in place
grasping something in the air
no one can see
frozen painted lacquered toes
nailed to the floor
in effigy

The screen screams bug ear
faces glaring smiling laughing shrieking
crying out
they are fucking in the laundry rooms
and eating food
off of the floor,
skipping showers, tracks and stones
wearing horoscope protection
prophylactic universal manifesting

God hates everything you are and strangers call me
when the facts destroy their fallacy, the dungeon master
dragon devil
burning them with logic
ripping off their skin
with the acid of

I need the dark, the walls to stay here
solid and secure

(When he leaves, he turns the lights out
locks the doors and pulls the curtains
asks me
can he bring me
cheesecake or a quesadilla
or a huge balloon that says
I love you-

There are fireworks exploding
over the city that I live in
blowing up the world and I am
safe and small inside.

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