Zoey, Shining

Published January 15, 2014 by April Fox

I’m looking through old things to read at an event coming up, and I found this, written three and a half years ago.

ImageZoey, Shining

there was a star-
a tiny one.

it blinked in the darkness, looking down at the world
trying to find a home.

the clouds were thick, the rain fierce
and cold
the wind thrashing about like an angry animal
suddenly uncaged
and the star could not
brave these things
and so she stayed
and waited.

eventually the clouds grew so heavy
with their own importance
that they joined the rain and fell
and fell
and fell
and then they
and the rain
were gone.

the wind screamed and raged
until its voice grew hoarse
and then silenced, defeated
the wind gave up
and laid down to rest.

the star, always
was watching.

with the sky cleared, she was able to see
to look around, bright-eyed
ready to make her move.

the star was brave, stronger than all the brighter, bigger stars
and taking a deep breath
she closed her eyes
and fell.

and the sky opened up to catch her
and her light made the world come alive.

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