For my Brother

Published November 2, 2012 by April Fox

Me and my brother, eons ago

I don’t know where this came from. I was making a salad, getting ready to take a sociology quiz (at the last minute, of course, thirty minutes before deadline) and this just came into my head. We had fun when we were kids, and he is one of my best friends today. I guess maybe I’m just missing him a little, and didn’t realize it.

we were small and wretched
hanging out beneath the palm trees and the power lines
the sunlight caught the curls in our hair and made us shine

we chased lizards up the sidewalk, caught them, cradled them in hands worn smooth
from sand and orange rinds

feet burned black with asphalt dust,
saggy-bottomed bathing suits
the crayons spread between us like a rainbow fallen down

the carpet was the ocean and the couch a pirate ship
we vaulted from the dresser to the bed like circus acrobats
with wings

in the early morning, christmas day
you tapped me on the nose
your arm wrapped tight around your favorite bear,
big bear
and asked, did santa come?

not yet
wait here with me

and in the glow of artificial lights
coloring our world
we crept into the darkness of the day
determined to find something
we might keep.

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