Published October 15, 2012 by April Fox

for some reason i feel i owe
an explanation
(of course i don’t; the ones to whom i might will only nod
and offer reassurances
of understanding
and the rest of you don’t matter)
-owe you something
for the time you’ve come and
settled in, reading my thoughts
over coffee
or a piece of pie
while sitting at a red light
late at night, insomnia
sitting on the toilet
killing time at work
offering some kind of mechanical support
an iron lung, pumping up my ego
full of air
breathing for me, artificial
and so before i disconnect from all the wires tethering me to
life support and take the first of many
deep and shaking breaths, gasping unfamiliar
atmosphere, molecules of oxygen infused with
bitter herbs and chocolate, dark and melted
running through my veins
i should take out my metaphoric pen and jot a note down
tack it to the wall above my bed
with bubblegum
an explanation:
i am just now
breathing on my own
i need some space
i need some air
i need silence,
eyes myopic
in my blindness i’ve gone dumb, i need to
in sentences that only
few of you can hear
i have to change the way the world is spun
or i’ll fall off.

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