Published September 26, 2012 by April Fox

and then there’s this
bleak grey screens flashing
disco balls of whatthefuck
buy me feel me hear me
fuck me
leashed together, shackled minds
stay in step
let the great ones take you down the path to
everything is
wash your feet in the bloody lamb, facing east
and pork’s a sin and
you were SAVED from the chance to
acknowledge your sins
give yourselves some credit,
points for creativity
the universe provides for
god’s will and what it doesn’t
you don’t need
even life.
shanti om, hallelujiah
pass the judgment
to your left.
black feet, black teeth, bellies fat with hunger
maggots teeming on the faces of the children in the trash cans
one meal a day and get your head blown off for freedom
to own oil
and half the world
you, with your signs screaming love’s a sin and
go to hell
which of these poor sad condemned souls
started as a cell
you sanctified?
right hand on your heart you pray
to gaudy demigods
i pledge allegiance
to the state
(craven images, and all-
did you forget?)
you can’t make this shit up.

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