For my dear friend Keri, who asked for monkeys.

Published July 18, 2012 by April Fox

On Monkeys, and their difference from us.

it’s hardly a new concept-
people as monkeys
i mean,
you have evolution
(WAR! because our similarity to simians
-something i would never say out loud, due to my insufferable lisp
[too many sibilants]-
is far less credible than an invisible man fucking a virgin and seeding her with himself as self

not metaphorical self

a talking snake, and a magic apple)
and the obvious likeness
all of us sitting in our cages
flinging shit and mirth
while the outcasts walk by screaming

we hang from trees, prehensile
waiting for the zooman to close and lock the gates
turn reptilian and slither
between the bars
they own the world,
these insane humans
all infected

zooman walks away
the monkeys howl.

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