Tiny Pretty Things

Published June 24, 2012 by April Fox

So in the past few days, I’ve been told that I’m not competent to run a cash register because of the color of my hair, my microwave died, and the driver’s side window on my car is apparently going through a rebellious phase and refuses to go up half the time. I spent all day yesterday pounding the pavement (literally; I was pissed off and stomping up the sidewalk) looking for jobs, and I got two offers: one from an old drunk who offered me 20 bucks to go to the drum circle that had been held the night before, and one from a guy who wants to dress me up and take my picture. (That one seems legit, and I might go for it.)

Now I have “The Boxer” in my head. I don’t think there’s a Seventh Avenue here, though.

Anyway. I’m in a funk. A big, sucky, stinky, fuck-the-world-and-everything-in-it funk.

And then driving home today, I’m talking to beloved about the photo shoot thing, and he tells me he doesn’t care for the shots I did a few years ago, because I don’t look like me in them. [In my mind, that’s a good thing. I’m not the least photogenic, and the only way I like being in front of the camera is if I don’t look like myself. And these were for a zombie calendar, so it’s probably good that I don’t always look bloody and half-eaten.] And then a minute later, out of the blue, I catch him looking at me (and not the road-it’s a good thing he drives like a little old man) and he says, “You’re pretty. I like looking at you.”

And then I remembered that I was on the way home to our little house, and my babies would be home soon, and that every day I get to wake up next to the nicest man in the world, with the knowledge that I created the most amazing kids in the world, and the funk didn’t leave but I got a little of my fuck-off attitude back and I decided not to let it take away all my happiness.

So I came home and fed the dog, and looked at my little world through happier eyes, and captured a bit of it on film. I needed a bit of pretty today. Here is what I found.

Rose of Sharon bud, growing near the porch.

Scooby Cat, lounging on the porch rail.


Flowers in the front yard.

10 comments on “Tiny Pretty Things

  • If this was anyone else, they might be offended by my misspelled word “pis” that was supposed to be “pics”, I’m sure you will laugh.. and understand, Using that word would describe my mood a lot of days-well, spelled with another “s”-please delete or get rid of that comment if u can. My old black and white cat that we got when E was barely a year old died yesterday-in my cousins yard across the street. Maybe that word could be used for that-but she stayed in in the road, looking at cars as if to say, “you have room to get by, so I’m not movin.”, and was old and sick, I was just glad she went peacefully and wasn’t run over. I MUST learn to edit-I fuss at E about editing all the time and then don’t do it myself…


  • I read your commentary on the Lowe’s Foods experience, and tried to like it, but wordpress put a message “Error-article not found” on every attempt I made to look at it on the actual wordpress site-have you had this problem with others? Did they censor your article? Anyway, I liked it and feel you expressed your feelings in a professional and honest way.


    • Hey Brenda, I set that to private for now. I didn’t want that to be the first thing prospective employers see if they google me. I’ll publish it again when I’m more settled in my new job.


    • Right on. I have to do it every once in a while-it’s far too easy to get caught in the mire of day-to-day tedium, and lose what really makes us who we are. It’s not just what we do, it’s how we see the rest of the world.


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