Pastor Charles Worley is a Psychopathic Idiot

Published May 23, 2012 by April Fox

Charles Worley is an asshole. The pastor of Providence Road Baptist Church in the tiny town of Maiden, NC–an hour and a half from where I’m sitting right now, lucky me–has been all over Youtube the past few days, spouting his ridiculous theory of how to get rid of the gays, lez-beans, quairs and homaseckshulls [sic]. In case you missed it, here’s a video of that portion of the sermon.

So passionate, so eloquent, so what the fuck does this nutjob put in his coffee in the morning? Seriously, for a guy who no doubt believes that evolution is some conspiracy theory made up by Satan to entice sinners to have sex with aliens, he’s doing an awful lot of shit-flinging, just like his simian relatives like to do.

Mister Worley’s idea, in case you’re like me and see a video link and think, damn, I’m too lazy to click on that, is to put all the lez-beans, quairs and homaseckshulls into electrified pens, drop food into the pens, and wait for them all to die out, which will inevitably happen since “they cain’t ray-produce!”

Three points we need to make here, Mister Worley:

  1. 2,000,000 married couples in America deal with infertility every year. That’s straight folks, Mister Worley. Many of them married in a church, no doubt. And they, like your blasted homaseckshulls, cain’t ray-produce. Are you going to toss them in the pen with the quairs and lez-beans?
  2. If homaseckshulls can’t bear children, then where do all the gay people come from? Somebody had to make the babies that grew up to be gay.
  3. You’re talking about KILLING PEOPLE. Midway through the rant you yell that you’re not gonna vote for a baby killer, and then you turn around and say that you want to kill a bunch of people. At what age does a person’s life stop being valuable to you, Mister Worley? If you know a baby is going to be gay, is it okay to kill it then? Or do you let it grow into adulthood and then murder it? Do you exile and murder a human being at the first sign of a crush on the opposite sex, or when a self-proclaimed homosexual reaches sexual maturity, or when god forbid they start asking for the same rights as their heterosexual peers? I really want to know, Mister Worley, what EXACTLY your criteria are for determining at what point a human being deserves to die for something that is beyond their control, and even if it WAS a choice, is none of your business.

One thing that’s really important to note here is that Mister Worley is not representative of all Christians, or all Baptists, for that matter. My old friend, Pastor Kevin Boone-a Baptist minister himself-expressed his concerns about this psychotic rant: “Two groups of people equally concern me/scare me: those who think like [Charles Worley] and those who think that greater Christendom think like [Worley].” I’ve heard from several people, Baptists, people who voted for Amendment One even, who are as appalled by Worley’s behavior as I am. The fact that he’s in the minority is kind of irrelevant, though. Mister Worley is advocating killing human beings for no reason other than that they exist. He’s advocating this in the name of his religion, and people are listening to him. We look at Charles Manson and Jim Jones and see monsters; is Worley any less so because he calls for murder under the cover of an established and socially acceptable religion?

I want to go to Providence Road Baptist Church and start a dialogue with this guy, but I don’t think he’d listen. I have a feeling he’d take one look at me, smell dissidence on me the way dogs can smell fear, and sic the congregation on me with torches and clubs. I am not a lez-bean, a quair or a homaseckshull, but I believe in their right to exist, and that’s clearly something Mister Worley has a problem with, to the point of advocating mass murder. I don’t know what kind of psychiatric issues this guy has, but he clearly needs to either start taking his meds, get on some new ones, or up the dosage, because what he’s saying is straight-up batshit crazy.

16 comments on “Pastor Charles Worley is a Psychopathic Idiot

  • you have a knack for making the point of how people wrongly use God to defend their prejudice. Its a shame that many very good, kind, decent Christians have to defend themselves against people like this. It seems the louder they scream, the more harm they do to the very people they claim to represent. My dad once won a lawsuit by quoting the “expert” an insurance company sent to investigate an auto accident claim-man couldnt seem to speak proper “anglish” and dad’ “tores” on his car “wasnt damaged”… as people say on facebook-smh=shain my head…nice work


    • you have a knack for making the point of how people wrongly use God to defend prejudice. Its a shame that many very good, decent Christians have to defend themselves against people like this. It seems the louder they scream, the more harm they do to the very people they claim to represent. My dad once won a lawsuit by quoting an insurance company’s “expert” sent to investigate an auto claim. Among the assaults on grammar, dad quoted him saying that dads “tores” “wasn’t damaged” . His “anglish” lost the claim for his company and gave us a good laugh. as people on faceboof say-smh-shakin my head-good work.


  • I know Pastor Worley personally. He is a good man and does love sinners. He was using hyperbole to make a point. This is not unusual for speakers, of any sort. This is being exaggerated to make this man of God look bad and hurt his church. If you have any sense at all you can tell that this was not a literal call to round up sodomites.


    • If you have any sense at all, you can tell that Worley is neither a good man nor a man of god, and he couldn’t spell hyperbole if his life depended on it, much less define it or use it appropriately. Hyperbole is a literary device; Worley is not in a position to use it. His role as a pastor is to guide his flock, and if his rage at what others do in the privacy of their own lives and bedrooms is such that he would feel compelled to call for a virtual holocaust, he should be removed from the pulpit immediately and taken straight to the nearest mental health facility. I only hope there were no children at the service that day, listening to this man call for genocide. Neither he nor anyone who believes, condones or supports the filth that he’s spewing has any right to self-identify as Christian. People like him are fond of preaching hate and violence from behind a veil of rhetoric and bible verses, but they conveniently forget the verse that says not to judge.

      I also noticed that Worley appeared to have a neat haircut and to be clean-shaven. Leviticus calls that a sin. Is he married? If so, did he send his wife into exile once a month during her childbearing years, so as not to soil himself or their home with her unclean blood? Has he ever enjoyed a lobster dinner, or a heaping plate of fried shrimp? These are all sins according to the same book that Worley and others like him use to justify their bigotry, hate and discrimination.

      Worley needs to keep his religion and his mind out of the world’s collective genitalia and focus on being a positive force in the lives of those unfortunate souls who look to him for spiritual guidance.


    • It’s being exaggerated? It’s on video, there’s no denying what Worley said. What he said is that he thought rounding up all the “lesbians and queers” and locking them up in electrified fences until they die was a good idea. If that wasn’t the point, what was it? If you really believe God sees and knows everything, then you also know this man is going to hell for judging and hating God’s people. It’s people defending this kind of behavior that allowed Hitler to get as far as he did.


      • “It’s people defending this kind of behavior that allowed Hitler to get as far as he did.” Exactly. There is no difference at all. This so-called “man of god” is advocating genocide. If you, badal, are defending his words, you’re just as evil as he is.


  • Anyone advocating hatred or worse, the killing of people because of their beliefs or their color or their sexual preferences is not a Godly person. Jesus Said “This is my commandment that you love one another, that your joy may be full. In the ten commandments it says ” Love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and strength, and YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF !, Jesus said ” Love your enemies, pray for those who despitelfully uses you ! and these are not even our enemies ! Just people like you and I GOD IS LOVE AND ANYONE WHO DOES NOT LOVE IS NOT OF GOD -The Bible


    • Ruth, thank you for speaking up as a true Christian.There is no way to take every passage from the Bible literally and apply it to every day life; some people-like you-know enough to see what still applies today, what was metaphorical, and what should be discarded, and choose to follow the positive guidance in the book. Others, like Worley and his defenders here, choose to toss out the positive messages contained in the book and focus instead on archaic and ambiguous statements that back up their own contrived prejudices.


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