arthropod love song

Published April 27, 2012 by April Fox

An oldie that’s going in the new book, which is coming along nicely… almost all compiled, I think.

arthropod love song

you, by virtue of
proximity to the dark and the
flames that we tasted
charred sugar on slow languid tongue
worm-silk, spider-silk
sneaky arachnids
we hid in the cracks of the walls that we made
out of cynical metaphor
for time
to catch up
poisoned, we ate them all
tossed out despair, crumbled weak
made them glitter, their shells
decimated under
the sun.

2 comments on “arthropod love song

    • Thank you. I was afraid this new book was going to be too sappy and make everyone sick, but maybe it will be okay. This one actually developed out of a series of all-night conversations with your son, about creepy-crawly things we’d encountered in our respective residences.


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