Book Number Two: The Opening Bit

Published April 17, 2012 by April Fox

In case you missed it, I’m working on my second book, another collection of words. This is going to be the first piece in the collection; there’s a story behind it, but I’m not telling it here. If I decide to tell, I’ll put it in the book. This was originally written in early November, 2010.

Leonard Cohen Never Made Me Smile Before

Or, Ween Might Just Be the Death of My Soul

you, in your dark patterns

and indecipherable grin
laid out your magic hands
offered something like a sacrifice
something like a gift

you are a tragedy
waiting to happen
you are every single thing
i’ve walked away from
you are the monsters in my bed
you are the ghosts inside my closet
you are the shadows, bright and vicious teeth
waiting by the door
you are the night
you are imagination
you are terror, secrets, rage-
you are
none of these.

you are the soundtrack
barely audible
singing me to sleep
you are the space and time between
that lets me breathe
you are the long, slow walk
between then and now
you are breath and taste and waiting
for again.

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