Thinking Before Breakfast

Published April 11, 2012 by April Fox

I dislike the fact that loving one particular person, out of the millions you encounter, can change the way you look at almost everything else in the world. Not that I want to change that, not that I want to undo any of the things that have been done so far, not that I would alter one single bit of our existence, but I feel as if I’m rearranging all the particles of myself to make sense of something that, two years ago, couldn’t make sense because it didn’t exist. How do I explain to myself the believing and un-believing of these things? If science and faith can coexist, I need to find out how. You have your god, and I have this, and acceptance thereof is somehow bittersweet.

This is like particle physics taking over my brain, and going terribly wrong.

I remember when we used to sit up all night talking about things like that-now it’s work schedules and what’s for dinner and I think that means we passed the science test.

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