Published April 6, 2012 by April Fox

This time of year tends to bring out the holier-than-thou in a lot of religious folks; I’m fortunate that I don’t experience it much within my own circle of cherished people, but it’s definitely out there and I see enough of it that it makes me kind of ill. I used to write a lot about this stuff, and then I got all happy and started writing more about that, but apparently the old attitude is still around. If you’re a person of faith and don’t try to shove your beliefs down my throat like a drunk on a two-dollar whore, you’re awesome. If you’re in the other camp, the judgmental, hypocritical “Christians” who, were they to encounter him today, would look at Jesus as a scruffy, dirty, liberal, socialist prick, this is for you.

when the lord passed around all the
cautions, the thou shalts, the judge nots and
love thy- and posted his one holy son at the altar of
humankind, walking through whore streets, cavorting with
tax men and
homeless folk, barefoot and ugly
where were you standing?
slack-jawed and stupid, soaking up only the things that you wanted
the good bits sloughed off like dead skin in a mud hole
you carry your bibles like armour to ward off the logic
the notion that doing right
might be enough and you cry out
BELIEVETH in he that has made you
believeth, and ye shall be saved
from the horrors you’ve made for yourselves-
i can do all things
i am imperfect
i am a sinner, abject, inherent
nothing can stop me from doing wrong, i am a failure in god’s eyes but i can be
by my faith
enter heaven’s gates, bloodied and rape-bruised
my fingerprints branded on soft skin
and memories
i can do anything
saved in his name
the holy ones
kneel down
receive your host
effigy savior goes soft in your mouth
spit out the bitter taste
wipe your lips clean
and ye shall be saved.

7 comments on “Hypocrite

  • Brilliant. Hey, it’s even worth when you’re an atheist…lots of religious people saying “Haha, what have you got to celebrate?” as if that’s a valid argument…lol :p


  • April-I wrote a long comment and the site wouldnt let me log in-so frustrating-the comment was lost-I always copied my work and pasted it on AC but cant see a way to do this on WordPress-any advise?
    I guess I wont try to go thru my dialog that was lost, I will just say, the things I have endured since loosing my son have cause conflict within myself and with my family. I want to believe-have hope- and I tried to do what God wanted me to-in believe that my home, health and family would be safe-but this time it wasn’t. I know it is hard for you to see that friends of my family and my little one have gotten some of your kids involved in church to a degree that may cause conflict with you-I dont push religion,I try to still hope, but it is hard… We all have a right to believe what we do, but I can’t stand the criticism, lectures,anger, that is not what Jesus did. I like your writing, love you and your family. I said all this much better before, I will see if this one goes thru..brenda


    • Hi Brenda, you should be able to write in a word document and then paste it into the body of your blog; I’ve done that before.

      I don’t have a problem with church in general, and this doesn’t have anything to do with your family, don’t worry. 🙂 I just get tired of the general hypocrisy, and this time of year it’s really bad: people celebrating the supposed rebirth of someone who preached love and compassion, while at the same time condemning those who feel differently. Love you lots…


  • There’s much truth here, much pain also. Being atheist and hyposcrite are not mutually exclusive, either. It isn’t just a Christian thing, I’m afraid. Chin up.


    • You’re right, David-hypocrisy is hardly an exclusively Christian trait. It happens everywhere, and has less to do with religion-or lack thereof-than character. I write a lot about the hypocrisy in Christianity, because it’s something that I see every day and that affects me personally. I don’t have anything against Christian people at all; rather I get angry at people who claim to be Christian while using their religion to judge and persecute others, hiding behind a mask of faith while spewing filth. I’ll email you more about this later… I think we could have a good discussion about it, and there are things I’d like to say that I’m not comfortable posting in a public forum like this. Love to you and the family-


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