Published March 30, 2012 by April Fox

they all ask questions-
tiny words, meaningless
but well-intentioned
are you ok?
are you mad?
and there is nothing like the truth
that you can say
i’m not anything
is just an invitation to be prodded at
and overworked some more
and so you muster up a nod and answer
if you say it doesn’t matter
they’ll try to force
it does
on you

conversations, digging hard into that place inside
your brain where you store
useless information like
how to answer people’s questions
when you don’t care what they think
or who they are
or what they want
or why they’re there

(in polite society
go the fuck away
is frowned upon-
you can only turn to garbage
the hearts of those you love.)

4 comments on “restless.

  • Its good to be reading your work again-i love it-so honest-and true. Wish I could get myself into a frame of mind where I could write again. Maybe soon….


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