Published February 13, 2012 by April Fox

late night

curled around my spine

palm pressed flat against my ribs

(i am not going anywhere)

your skin is smooth elixir

false moon street lamp peers in through

shaded glass

our bank account is screaming

the water heater’s leaking

deadlines snarling fierce and threatening

and we are deaf

moonlight bounces off titanium

and we are promises in silence

bound outside the church walls

skirting courthouse steps

daring vengeful gods to tell us

we do not belong

late night

and you are curled against my spine

palm pressed smooth against my ribs

breath against my neck and dreaming

in the morning we’ll

unwrap ourselves and walk into the

sunlight, we are strings and keys and

laughter, kids and dogs and


magnets spinning, reconnecting

burning madly through the

perfect life we’ve built.

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