the universal dilemma

Published September 25, 2011 by April Fox

pretty sure every girl has been here. (and every poor, put-upon guy, too.)

me: i hate what i’m wearing. i’m having a bad self-esteem day.

beau: i’m sorry sweetie. you look fine.

me: AAAARGH i don’t want to look fine, we’re going out. i’m not supposed to just look fine.

beau: i think you look beautiful.

me: that’s the good boyfriend answer for ‘you don’t look that great but i always think you’re lovely.’

beau: [rolls eyes]

me: i don’t like this shirt. should i wear the purple one?

beau: which purple one?

me: the one i was wearing all day today.

beau: yes.

me: does it look better than this one?

beau: i don’t know.

me: do you hate when i’m a girl?

beau: yes.

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