metaphorical jeans.

Published September 25, 2011 by April Fox

you know that one perfect pair of jeans you had?

when you bought them, they looked amazing on you, made your butt look awesome, made you feel like you actually looked good for once? and so you only wore them when you had someplace to go, somewhere you knew you were really going to be seen?

and after you washed them a few times, you realized that they didn’t just look good, they were the most comfortable thing you’d ever worn? and they went with absolutely everything-you could dress them up or down, lie around in them all day with a grungy old t-shirt on top, or put on a kickass jacket and boots and go out and make everyone else around look like aesthetic garbage?

and then you realized they were starting to get holes in the knees, and the hems were getting frayed, but you didn’t care… that only made them better, made you want to wear them every day, and you knew that you’d never find another pair just like them, so you started wearing skirts and cords instead?

you know where i’m going with this.

i love my broken-in, comfy, perfect-fit metaphorical jeans.

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