future shock

Published August 9, 2011 by April Fox

you know how they say your life flashes before your eyes when you’re about to die? i’m not about to die just yet (i don’t think, anyway) and it wasn’t my life up to here that i saw but my life from here on out-just for a second; i must have dozed off and dreamed it, just a flash of what it’s going to be. not a prophecy, i’m not foolish enough for that, but a glimpse of how things will be if we keep going like we are.

i think i liked what i saw.

i think things might be ok.

i have to make it happen, though… we have to make it happen. can we work/love/play/love/think/work/love our way through to where we want to be? i think so… i’m sure as hell going to try.

i’m committed to this dream of mine, of ours… not just the big alpaca farm and the bestseller lists and platinum records, but the real one, the tours and the book signings and the house in the country with a few farm animals roaming around, happy kids and all the rest. we can do that, i think. i’m pretty sure we can.

fuck. do i actually believe in something? i must be delirious. i need to go to bed.

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