Published July 28, 2011 by April Fox

it’s quiet tonight, finally. it was a noisy afternoon, one of those that was amplified somehow, each sound bouncing off the one before and after it, echoing and increasing in volume and velocity, flying toward your ears at a rate of speed that would make the concord jealous.

it was a hard day. somehow things got turned around in someone’s head and i was asked to take responsibility for someone else’s decisions. i don’t do that anymore. it wore me out, the discussing and the thoughts and the conversations tangling up all over themselves till you finally have to just throw the damn thing out.

now, though, it’s quiet, like i said. the kids are tucked into their beds, beau is off making music with a friend and all i hear now is the hum of the fridge and the occasional chime of my phone as i keep a friend company while she works.

i need to enjoy this time. i don’t get enough of it, really.

i’m trying to slow down, to rearrange, to make my life make sense even though it’s fragmented sometimes.

i want to play with clay.

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