pepsi and the pledge of allegiance

Published July 23, 2011 by April Fox

so now people are boycotting pepsi because they left the words “under god” out of the pledge of allegiance on some new promotional packaging. the general consensus seems to be that they’ve tarnished some sacred american document, and by jesus, we’re a CHRISTIAN nation, and the pledge proves it. pepsi ought to know better.

1. the pledge of allegiance was written in 1892 by francis bellamy-a baptist minister, and a socialist-as part of an advertising campaign.

2. the words “under god” were not part of the original pledge. they were added by eisenhower in 1954 as a response to cold war panic.

3. it translates as follows-for those of you who simply recite it by rote and don’t think: “i promise to be true to the united states of america, a nation of unity and equal rights for everyone.” [gotta love wishful thinking.]

if you’re going to bitch about something, know what you’re bitching about.

what’s really funny is that people are refusing to drink it because of this silliness, rather than because of all the garbage that’s in it that will ruin your health. priorities, folks. you got ’em. don’t worry, you can switch to coke for your kids’ breakfast drink until pepsi realizes the error of their ways.

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