it’s simple, really.

Published June 23, 2011 by April Fox

don’t be a manipulative, obsessive fucktard. if you insist on being a manipulative, obsessive fucktard, don’t act all hurt and offended when i call you on it. it takes a lot to get me really pissed off and i hate confrontation. if i’m calling you a manipulative, obsessive fucktard, i promise you it’s because you’ve been a manipulative, obsessive fucktard for quite some time now.

also: i don’t use analogies and multi-syllabic words to make you feel stupid. if those things make you feel stupid, chances are, you’re stupid.

also: i don’t respond logically and rationally because i’m uncaring or unfeeling. i respond thus because i am, most of the time, logical and rational. related: not basing every decision i make on your possible hurt feelings as a result thereof isn’t called being uncaring or unfeeling. it’s called i have my own life, you manipulative, obsessive fucktard.

/end rant.

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