cranial ablation

Published June 11, 2010 by April Fox

today is one of those days: the kind that make you wonder about just about everything.

i have gary jules’ cover of “mad world” on repeat and i feel like a cliche, looking out the window at the sun that stays out there and paints everything in light but me.

[cue the violins; somebody call morrissey and hand me a rusty razorblade. grungy girl’s gone gloomy. hooray for accidental alliteration, right?]

seriously, it just makes you wonder, it’s like something in your brain has woken up and you see things, you know things and god, these are things you don’t want to know… everything you were and did and became is Right There In Your Face, all self-important and pompous saying see? you weren’t who you thought after all.

it‘s not a fun place to be.

and the bills threaten to pile up, and the bacon sits untouched, and the cats are hiding under the couch and all you can do is close out the window, bring up the one that makes the cash and disconnect.

and if you thought i was there, you were wrong.

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