Homeschoolers, Not Fundamentalists

Published July 5, 2009 by April Fox

Homeschoolers, Not Fundamentalists
Apparently, the old idea that homeschoolers are all crazy, right-wing fundamentalists still persists. In fact, kids are being homeschooled for a variety of reasons today.

2 comments on “Homeschoolers, Not Fundamentalists

  • Yeah, but…when I tweeted that homeschoolers come in a range of faith flavours and linked a blog post the outed me as an atheist but focused on demonstrating that atheist did not mean intolerant of religion…overnight my followers PLUMMETED. So while the fervently religious are not the absolute definition of “home educator” they sure aren’t thin on the ground either.

    I’m sure there are more secular home educators than there seems to be, but in an exclusionary environment it is really hard to flush them out and make contact.


    • very true. i think we’re less likely to have that herd mentality, too, and so we’re less likely to create groups or feel the need to be around others just like ourselves.

      ah well. good to know there’s another one out there anyway. 🙂


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